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4 Business Functions Commonly Outsourced in the Philippines

4 Business Functions Commonly Outsourced in the Philippines

When running a business, one needs all the help they can get. For companies operating overseas, help sometimes come in the form of delegating non-core functions of the business to BPO firms. With the Philippines as the leading destination for BPO services, companies are assured that quality remains on its peak, while the costs are significantly reduced.
Included in the key business functions often outsourced to the Philippines are the following:

Data Entry
No business can operate without data. From the employee to client database, records of the transactions, services offered and availed, shipping documents, account payables and receivables, all of these and more are information crucial for business operations.
Your Philippine team can take care of this information for you. The country’s laws and ordinances ensure data security in handling and processing data, with each project executed with utmost confidentiality.

Inbound/Outbound Customer Service
With the customers at the heart of each business venture, an open communication channel is imperative. Often times, having a call center requires facilities, equipment, and a team trained for inbound and outbound customer support. With all these investments, a more cost-efficient and effective solution would be to outsource your call center operations.
Filipinos are known worldwide to provide a topnotch quality of customer support and experience, wherever the client may be in the world. The Filipinos’ strong command of English language and naturally warm and friendly character enables them to establish immediate rapport among the customers.

Information Technology
Along with an impressive pool of talents when it comes to customer service, the Philippines also have a remarkable I.T. infrastructure and support system. This is then backed with an abundant team of experienced I.T. professionals that are known worldwide for their skills, as well as web developers and graphic designers.

Payroll and Accounting
There are certain aspects of business that require a different level of experience for the company to handle it well. For start ups and small to medium businesses, investing in advanced payroll and accounting software might be too daunting. As one of the leading providers of finance and employee management solutions in the UK, Anderson Group’s diverse and vast experience is indispensable—and readily available for you.

With over a hundred team of accountants and finance professionals in four different locations across the globe, Anderson Group delivers a fast, accurate, and effective service to businesses of all sizes globally.

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